Rostov region Advocate College “Tkachevy & Partners”

Rostov region Advocate College named “Tkachevy & Partners” (“ТКАЧЕВЫ И ПАРТНЕРЫ”) is the first Rostov regional advocate foundation registered in accordance with the procedure established by law after adoption of statute “On advocate practice and advocatory in Russian Federation”.
There are experienced advocates and experts with huge law work seniority in overwhelming majority of College staff working.
Igor A. Tkachev, the Chairman of the College, has a rich work experience in the area of law enforcement and human rights practice. He is a holder of an order “For fidelity to advocates duty”, also awarded with a First-Class medal “For Distinguished Service in civil rights and liberties protection” and mentioned with a “Honorary Advocate” label.


The advocates of the College are providing the following types of legal services for juridical entities, natural individuals, Russian Federation citizens, foreign nationals and stateless persons:
ик55 Oral- and written-form advisory on any law questions;
ик55 preparation of complaints, indebtedness penalty fee and damage estimations, claims, law suits, reference and cassational appeals in any matters, items and disputes;
ик55 preparation of complaint bills, claims, cassational, supervisory and other appeals on any items, contracts, agreements, enterprises, entrepreneurs, social organizations constitutional and practice documentation packages, other documents in any sphere of activity and on any items;
ик55 legal due diligence of constitutional documents, contracts, administrative orders,  and other legal documents with or without determination accorded to Russian Federation law;  
ик55 preparation of recommendations on juridical entities and any entrepreneurs activity law items;
ик55 participation in pre-contractual negotiations with counterparties and advisory on terms and conditions of transactions, contracts and agreements to conclude;
ик55 juridical determinations on the contract and co-operation proposal projects provided by partners in any sphere of activity;
ик55 legal implementation of ideas with following documentation packages deployment;
ик55 defense in any category of criminal cases on preliminary investigation, in the court, in Boards of Review and cassational or supervising authorities;
ик55 representation of interests in administrational, civil and arbitrational cases of any difficulty category  including the cases of faulty medication inflicted harm to health;
ик55 representation of interests in cases in the context of motorized vehicle accidents, damage to property or health, decedent estate disputes, property disputes, authorship disputes, and other cases without any limits in jural relations subject matter or arose question difficulty.  
ик55 preparation of purchase and sale contracts (including real estate), contracts of exchange, donation agreements, rental agreements, contracts of lease, hiring contracts, employment agreements, gratuitous use agreements, bailments for hire, works contracts, contracts of debt, insurance policies, agency agreements, commission agreements, partnership agreements and any other specialties required by the Russian Federation Law.
ик55 Legal services for enterprises, authorities, organizations, entrepreneurs and civilians accorded to specialties including the option of free counselling for the workers of listed enterprises, boards, organizations and natural entity family members and top priority serving listed individuals, as well.
ик55 settling of martial contracts, martial settlement agreements, place of residence of children agreements and other documents in the context of family law; representing client’s interest intermediation in the context of matrimonial matters in the child custody and guardianship  authorities, courts and other organizations related to marital relationships matters in public settings;
ик55 quest for a compromise and it’s lawfully sufficient proposal in the disputes of legal and natural entities in any matters of their relations and working out cross use voluntary settlement agreements and arrangements in any sphere of activity;
ик55 settlement of any other ex-directory questions that can arise in the activities of legal entities, entrepreneurs, and in the life of the civilians, foreign persons and stateless persons.


CONTACTS: Russian Federation, Rostov-on-Don, the Chairman of advocate college Maxim Tkachev,